KIKKA WORKS is a small furniture workshop run by a husband and wife team in Japan and Los Angeles.
We use traditional woodworking techniques and a contemporary eye to bring our customers' visions to life. 
We offer everything from original and custom-built furniture and home accessories to interior design services, leveraging our architectural design experience. Our intention is to create long-lasting pieces that fit our clients' needs and bring a sense of fun to everyday life. Every item is meticulously crafted to be well-loved, well-used, and stand the test of time. 


Kazuyuki Awata

Began a career in interior design and planning upon completing a graduate degree from the Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2005. Licensed architect. After apprenticing as a woodworker in Nagano, he co-founded KIKKA WORKS in 2012.

Aya Awata

Worked at an architecture firm specializing in residential buildings or shops upon graduating from the Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2003. 

Licensed architect, Coffee Meister (SCAJ), and Certified Q Grader (SCAA, CQI). Co-founded KIKKA WORKS in 2012.